Portrait Painting

Getting a portrait painting done has been something that in the past has been seemingly reserved for those with considerable means. However, as more artists have been practicing painting portraits, it has become available for the average person. Now, just about anyone can take a photo and have it turned it into a beautiful portrait piece to grace the walls of your home. This means that owning a beautiful piece of personal art is within reach of just about anyone.

Subjects Being Painted

Some of the best portrait painting pieces are of specific subjects, such as people. Some of the most famous pieces of art in history are portraits of ordinary people made extraordinary just by the art that represents them. Portraits of your photos can be wonderful additions to overall home décor.

There is more to making a portrait from photo piece successful than just the artwork itself. The framing of the portrait, the matting, where you hang it, what you hang it next to are all determining factors of how well the painting will work into your existing home décor.

This is why it’s important to work closely with the company you have chosen to paint your photo. Here are a few tips to remember during the process:

Tips to Remember

Never pay full price for your portrait before seeing a proof of the artwork. While you should expect to pay a deposit, you should not be required to pay in full until the portrait painting is completed and you are satisfied with the results. Any company that requires you to do otherwise should make you wary.

Consult with your family members on the photos you choose for your portrait. Their input might provide valuable insight into aspects of the photos you might not be aware of on both negative and positive points.

Be sure to stay involved in the process. Your portrait piece, is a work of art and can be open to interpretation, which means your visions and the artists vision may not fall in line with one another.

This artwork is for you, so do not be afraid to point out things you do and do not like about the piece. However, at the same time, respect the artist as an expert and consider their advice and opinion carefully regarding the portrait.

Finish Professionally

Do not be cheap on the finishing effects. Be sure to have your portraits framed and matted professionally. In fact, you may consider having it professionally hung and lit in your home to give it the best possible appeal.
Following these tips will help you to have a smooth and successful portrait painting and help you to have the best outcome possible for your new piece of art.

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