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  • "The painting you created for us looks incredible. I must say you did a tremendous job. We did not expect it to look so real."

    Brady Stewart from Erie PA, USA

    "Hi John! Rosa Bell LOVES the picture. She's trying to find the best place in her house to hang the portrait. Thank you to you and your staff for all of your help."

    Tameca Deneane Holmes from Georgetown SC, USA

    "The painting is wonderful, thank you for your patience with me I should have trusted your judgment on the coloring. It came out beautiful. Thanks again"

    Elaine Hovestadt from Taunton MA, USA

    "I have received my painting today! It looks very beautiful!! I thought it was beautiful online, but to see it in person finally, it's amazing work! Thank you so much!"

    Amber Peterson from Perkinston MS, USA Read more testimonials..

oil painting from photo

What types of oil paintings from photos do we do? Painting4Ever can do an oil painting from photo using any type of photo you have. For example we can use your wedding photos, family photos, pet photos, landscape photos, children photos, dog photos, cat photos, house photos, all of which can be made into an oil painting from photo. Below you can see different types of oil paintings from photos we have done for past customers.

Self paintings

Family paintings

Children paintings

Wedding paintings

Pet paintings

Landscape paintings

House paintings

Animal paintings

Custom oil paintings

What happens when you don't have the exact photo you would like to have as an oil painting? Painting4ever has a solution for this problem by offering our custom oil painting service. This service consists of taking numerous photos and a basic theme, and creating a custom oil painting. For example, what if you would like to have an oil painting of your 4 kids, all posing in Disneyland, but unfortunately, you have not had the chance to visit there, and therefore do not have such a photo. We can use 4 different photos of your kids and paint them all in a natural pose with any Disneyland type background, which results in a custom oil painting. Below you can see an example of a custom oil painting done for a customer who wanted a painting done of his mother and himself, but did not have such a photo.

2 separate photos of mother and child

custom pictures,painting photo

final custom oil painting

custom oil painting from photo

Old pictures to oil painting service

Many of us have old pictures of our grandparents, parents, wedding, etc.. Most often, these pictures are not really clear and in bad condition. Do we need clear pictures to succeed in our picture to oil painting transformation? At painting4Ever, we are proud to say that we have been very successful in doing beautiful oil paintings using very old pictures. This type of picture to oil painting process is more complicated and time consuming, and requires a more in-depth cooperation with the customer. Below you can see oil paintings done using old photos.

Old black & white photo

Final oil painting from photo

10 different old photos combined together

Final oil painting from photos

oil paintings from photos

oil paintings from photos

Black & white photos to painting service

Another service we offer at painting4Ever is turning black and white photos to paintings. The method of b/w photos to paintings requires a b/w photo, as well as information about the eye color, hair color, and skin tone of the individual or individuals being painted. With this information at hand, our artists can do a beautiful colored painting. Below you can see some paintings created using our black and white photo to painting service.

Black & white photo

Final oil painting

Final oil painting

b/w & old photo

Final oil painting

Final oil painting

100% Handmade picture to painting service

Since you found our website, you were probably looking for a picture to painting company who can turn your photos into a painting. Before selecting a company to do a picture painting for you, you should know that not all companies offer the same picture to painting service. Below you can see a visual display of the picture to painting practice done by our professional artist. To learn more about this, please read our 100% handmade picture to painting service page.

Outlining the subjects

First background layer

Initial layers of subjects

Additional layers

turn photo into painting

Final oil painting

turn photo into painting

The complexity of doing a painting from photos

A realistic style painting from photo is very complicated and requires a high level of technique from a professional artist. You might ask why a paintings from photos are different from any other paintings. The reason is that when a customer sends a photo to be made into an oil painting portrait, he/she expects the artist to capture all the small details exactly as they appear in the photo. Since the customer expects a realistic painting from photo transformation, the artist needs to be highly skilled with many years of experience. One of the most important requirement needed for a painting from photo to be successful, is the task of getting the correct proportions of all the features of the person being painted. If the artist is able to achieve this task, then the we can say that the artist was successful in the painting from photo transformation.

How does our photo into paintings service work

What are the steps required to use our photos into painting service? The first thing you need to do is find the right photos. You may have dozens of photos to use, but you should pick the ones you like the most. Then you should decide if you would like to have a custom oil painting, or an exact photo into painting done. If you are looking to get an exact photo turned into a painting, then your work is done. However, if you want to get a custom painting done, then you need to decide on a few things. First, if the painting is of multiple subjects, then you need to decide on the arrangement of the subjects. Then decide on the type of background you would like. It can be a studio background, or any other background set outside. We have talented people who can guide you from the beginning and throughout the photos into paintings process.

How custom can a painting from picture be?

We often receive questions from customers wanting to get a custom painting from picture. Aside from having professional artists working for us, our staff can also help you create custom paintings from pictures which tell a story. A really good example is shown below, where the customer wanted to have a painting where St. Peter welcomes his cat who recently passed, to the gates of heaven. As you can see, the result in a story telling custom painting from picture.

Original photo

Painting Pictures,painting photo

Custom Oil painting

Painting Pictures,painting photo

Some history on portraits from photos

For centuries, artists have been creating portraits of individuals. Some of the earliest portraits were of queens, kings, and other high society individuals. If they were still living, then they would pose to the artist who painted their portraits. As photos were introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, a portrait from photos became a possibility. Instead of the individual posing for dozens of hours to have an oil painting done, an artist could use the person’s photo to create an oil painting portrait. Throughout the 20th century artists have been doing portraits from photos of world leaders, and other high-class people. In the last few decades it has become a common practice for the middle-class to commission portraits from photos of children, beloved ones, whole families or even pets.

What type of picture paintings can we do

As you have seen from all of the samples above, the sky is the limit in our creation of picture paintings. If you can think it, we can paint it. All you need to do is provide us with the photos and we will create a beautiful picture painting for you which will last forever. If you have any questions regarding the type of picture painting you would like, please contact us.