Photo to Oil Painting

When doing photo to oil painting transformation, best results are achieved in selecting the perfect photo or photos. In this article we will discuss how to choose the right photos when doing a photo to oil painting transformation. The article will talk about photo resolution, photo coloring, group photos, and black and white photos.

Photo to Oil Painting – Photo Resolution

Like a tile mosaic, every digital photo is made up of tiny dots called pixels. Each pixel has its own color and brightness, and millions of these pixels combined together make up your digital photo. The more pixels the photo has, the higher the resolution is. When doing photo to oil painting, artists prefer to work with high resolution photos. The reason is that higher resolution means more pixels which make up the image, and the more pixels there are, the more the image becomes clear to the artist who needs to be able to see the small details when painting the oil portrait

Photo to Oil Painting – Photo Coloring

Today, digital cameras have many different settings for night photography, day photography, macro photography, nature photography, and so on.. As it turns out, most people do not always pay attention to the right settings when taking digital photos, and as a result, the colors come out looking unrealistic. Photo to oil painting transformation requires the artist to capture the true colors of the photo, whether he or she is painting one or multiple subjects, pets, animals, or a beautiful landscape photo. So it is important to choose photos where the colors are very close to the true life colors

Photo to Oil Painting – Group Photos

Today many people are interested in doing photos to oil painting transformation. The reason is that they cannot find a single photo which has all they are looking for. The simplest example is a photo of a single subject where the background is not the most suitable for the painting. In this case, you may choose a different photo with a different background, and have the portrait artist combine the two photos into a custom oil painting. The other, most common practice in combining photos is when doing group portraits. We all know how hard it is to take the perfect photo with multiple subjects. One person looked to the side, the other did not smile, and so forth… When transforming photos to oil painting you can always ask the artist to combine multiple photos together, thus selecting the perfect individual photos of each subject for the perfect group portrait.

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