Picture to Paintings

Picture to Painting: Preserving Memories

For many people, photos are the main way to preserve memories. Be it family gatherings or school plays for their children – most find they can produce a photograph. This is what makes the process of transferring a picture to painting a unique profession.

There are a number of companies that specialize in this fascinating technique. Essentially, the picture to painting process occurs when you contract an organization to commission a professional painting of your favorite photograph. You can have the painting matted and framed to represent the best in quality – all from one photo.

Picture to Paintings: A New Craft

Taking pictures to painting is a relatively new craft, with many people not even aware that the process exists. It isn’t an extensive process, with many companies able to provide a complete painting just weeks after submitting the photos, depending, of course on the size of picture to painting. If you are having trouble deciding between several photos that you want to take from picture to painting and don’t want a collage, consult with a picture to painting expert and have them make a suggestion on which would translate best. Some pictures to painting translate better than others.

Additionally, many people are delighted to find that you can combine more than one photograph into a painting. Working closely with the company that is doing your picture to painting, you can submit several photographs and ask that your pictures to painting be done in the form of a collage. There are so many options when you are converting pictures to painting from a collage to a single portrait, which many people find they want to do multiple paintings.

Companies that specialize in this type of work often try to make it as affordable as possible to the customer; however, it is important to remember that when converting a picture to painting, you are paying for the quality of the artwork. You want a piece of art that is going to look professional and like the work of an expert and oftentimes to get that, it will cost a bit more than just developing photos at your local drugstore. The result, however, is stunning and in many cases, you cannot even tell that you have converted a picture to painting because of the skill involved in this kind of artwork.

Pictures to Painting Framing

Since you will likely hang your picture to painting in a prominent space in your home to show it off, do not skimp on the framing process. Have your picture to painting matted and framed professionally. Hang it somewhere so that it will be clearly visible whenever you enter your home or business.

The picture to painting process is available to anyone with a favorite photo they would like to share and can set the artwork in your home apart from anyone else’s. Choose a picture that translates well and enjoy it as a true piece of art in your home for years to come.

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