Photo to Painting

Get Your Moment Captured From Photo To Painting

For all of us, photos or pictures are the prefect way to preserve the memories that we captured throughout our lifetime. Be it school plays, picnics, family gatherings or any special occasion like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and graduations, we are always there with a camera waiting to capture that special moment. Nowadays many people are having a photo to painting created, or their photos painted on a canvas. Such paintings need not only need to look like the photo being painted, but also be able to capture the feeling and essence behind the photo.

Many artists commissioned to do photo to painting are selected due to their skillful ways to capture the essence of the photo being painted. It's not enough to just paint the person in the photo; the artist must also capture the feeling the photo is portraying, which is so clear to the owner of the photo. Prior to deciding what type of photo painting you want to get, it is feasible to do a little research to get the most suitable and skillful artist to paint your photo. The best way to find a person who can artistically and unmistakably perform this task is to search online, as there are many companies who offer photo to painting service.

The process of photo to painting include the following:

Photo to painting is a multifaceted step process that involves the following steps:

Photo to painting: Image.

The process begins with an image that could be of any type of photograph. The photographs could be represented in the form of a hard copy or digital images.

Experienced and skilled artistes are accustomed to working with almost any sort of image. However, the more superior the quality of the original photo, the better the painting will turn out to be.

Companies which do photo to painting understand that many customers have photographs which were taken a long time ago when the digital technology was not available. So it is not mandatory to have digital photos of great quality to do a painting from photo and achieve great results.

Photo to painting: Artist.

Once the working picture is presented, the artist takes it and starts to recreate it on the canvas using various colors and fine and individuals strokes of brush.

What to look for in a photo to painting artist?

Experience: Transforming photo to painting is the most sort-after gift. Thus, the studios may get quite busy particularly during the vacations such as Valentines Day, Christmas and New Year. You need to be sure that the artist working on your painting has the essential skills and the professional background in portrait painting. Oil painting is different from watercolor painting, which is different from charcoal or pencil sketches. Though the artists might work in different mediums, if you commission a painting, make sure that the artist is proficient in the specific medium.

Uniqueness: At the time when you are getting your pictures transformed to paintings, you need something which is inimitable. While looking for photo to painting services online, make sure that the artist will apply individual and a stylized approach to recreate your special picture.

Photo to painting: photographs to avoid

Theoretically, every image could be recreated into oil or watercolor painting. However, there are few pictures that must be avoided such as:

Group shots: the group shots do not make fine candidates for the photo to painting transfer, since very often one or more individual in the group photo does not look right. For a group painting, it is better to combine individual photos into one group portrait. Ask the company if they can combine numerous photos into one painting, and if they charge extra for this service.

Unclear Images: If you have a very old or fuzzy photo and want to get it transformed into a painting, it is still possible. However, in this case, the artist will need to work closely with you to fill in the blanks in order to create the desired painting.