Photo Painting

Photo Painting is the task taking any given photo and painting it on canvas, paper, wood, and other art mediums. It is very similar to an artist sitting on a sandy beach and painting the beautiful sunset. The only difference is that the artist uses a photo as a reference as opposed to the actual sunset.

Which photos can be painted

Can an artist paint any type of photo, or are there only specific photos which can be painted? Photo Painting is divided into four groups: Individual / group portrait, pet/animal portrait, landscape portrait, and other portrait. The first three are straight forward, and the last is any photo which does not fall into any of the three categories. An artist can be experienced in any category. However, better results are achieved when an artist has been concentrating on a specific category throughout their artistic profession.
It is also arguable that individual / group portraits are the hardest to do, since they require the artist to capture the physical characteristics of the individuals being painted, which is not an easy task. Pet lovers will most likely argue that pet portraits are as difficult. However, if an artist paints a dog a little overweight, or his nose a little too wide, it is not the same as doing the same for an individual.

Photo Quality

In a photo painting process the most important thing, aside from finding a professional & experienced artist, is selecting the picture to be painted. When going about this task, one needs to know the term photo resolution.

Photo resolution is measured by DPI (Dots Per Inch) which specifies how many pixels are in every inch. The higher the resolution is the better the quality of the photo. A Higher resolution photo can be printed in bigger sizes as well as displayed on a larger scale on your computer screen. Photo painting is best achieved when using high resolution photo, especially when doing individual / group portraits.

If you are consifering having a landscape photo painted, then high resolution becomes less important. The reason is that if an artist paints a landscape photo, like a field of flowers for example, it is not expected for every stem, flower or leaf to be painted exactly like the photo. The essence of the photo will not be affected on the resulting painting if the photo painting duplication is not 100%. However, when painting a person’s face, every facial feature must be the same as it is in the individual’s picure or else the likeliness will not be captured.

Painting Mediums

When an artist does paints a photo, he or she have a wide variety of painting mediums to choose from. The most common photo painting is an oil painting. Other styles consists of watercolor, charcoal, pencil, pastel, and acrylics. Most individuals seeking a photo painting ask for an oil painting. Those who want a less photo realistic and more abstract interpretation of the photo choose the other mediums.

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