Turn Photo into Painting

Introduction to Turning Old Photos into Paintings

How many of us have found ourselves wishing that we had clearer photos of our parents, grandparents, or great grandparents? How many of us have looked at out wedding album, and wished our wedding photos were crisp, clean and in color.

The problem is that if these photos were taken many years ago, the quality may just be very poor. One option is to have a professional photo studio or lab try to preserve our picture. However, if the photo in question is shady and unclear, not much can be done.

Old Photo into Painting: The Solution

This is where companies who offer to turn photos into painting can solve your problem. By letting a professional artist take on the task of transforming your old picture into a painting, you are able to restore these photos into oil paintings, which give you a clear depiction of your old photos.

You might ask yourself, “How can an artist paint the photo, if the photo quality is so poor”? Well, this picture into painting transformation is not a standard one, where the artist uses a clear photo to transform into an oil painting. This process requires you to be involved as well. Again you might ask yourself, “How can I help the artist if the photo is unclear?”

Old Photo into Painting: Some Examples

The answer lies in the person’s physical traits, which are passed on from one generation to another. For example, if you know that your father looked very similar to you, the artist can use photos of yourself to paint the facial features of your father, which are not visible in his photo. After all, getting the facial features correct is the artist’s main goal when turning a picture into painting.

Another example is an old photo of your wedding night. If you got married a few decades ago, your wedding photos might be blurry, chipped and in very poor condition. In this case, the task of turning your photo into a painting is even simpler, since the artist can use recent photos of you as reference for your facial features.

What do we mean by that? How can an artist use photos of us 30-40 years older, and paint us in our youth. Well, the transformation is not trivial, and does require a professional artist who has done old picture into painting transformation in the past. Using recent photos of you, the artist is able to see your facial features clearly which have gone through the normal process of aging. However, artists who specialize in this field can paint your facial features, as they appeared in your youth.

Old Photos into Painting Service

Now that know that you can restore your old photos by turning to an art studio who employes artist who can turn picture into a painting, what is the next step? Start by searching for companies on the web that do photo to painting. Next, ask to see past paintings they have done using old photos. If they cannot show you some samples, go to the next company. Don’t rely on their promise.

Once you have found an art studio, which does photos into paintings using old photos, and have seen past paintings they have done, ask them to review your own old photo. They will be able to tell you if your photo can be used to transform into an oil painting. Reputable companies will only accept your order, if they can guarantee that the final painting will be able to accomplish the restoration you are looking for from their old picture into painting service.

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