Painting Pictures

Throughout the 20th century artists have been painting pictures of world leaders, and other high-class people. In the last few decades it has become a common practice for the middle-class to commission portraits from photos of children, beloved ones, whole families, pets, or even houses.

Painting pictures

is multi-step process, which involves selecting the right photo or photos, choosing the most suitable painting size, customizing your painting, and choosing the most suitable company to transform your picture into a painting

Selecting the right photo

It all starts with an image, which can be any kind of photo. Photos can be presented as prints or digital photos. Although digital photos make the best choice for a photo, companies who paint pictures understand that many clients have old photos which were taken when digital technology wasn’t available, so it is still possible to use old photos when painting pictures

Choosing the painting size

Most companies will offer numerous paintings sizes when painting your pictures. The most common sizes are: 12″x16″, 16″x20″, 20″x24″, 24″x36″, 30″x40″, 36″x48″, 48″x72″. When selecting the painting size, be sure that the size fits the place where the painting will hang, and will not be too big or too small. Also, if your painting has more than 1-3 subjects, you may opt to select a bigger size painting

Customizing your painting

One of the many benefits of painting pictures is the possibility to customize the painting. This means that the artist can make any types of modification to your painting, such as changing the background, combining different photos together, changing the clothes a person is wearing, and removing objects from the photo.

Choosing the most suitable company

When searching for a company to paint your pictures, besides looking for a good price, be sure to look for uniqueness and experience. In uniqueness you want to find a studio that will apply a stylized, individual approach to recreating your special image. Nothing beats experience. Most studios use freelance artists. You want to be sure that the artist working on your project has the necessary skill and professional background.

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