Painting From Photo

What exactly is Painting from Photograph

While surfing the net, you may have stumbled upon companies who do paintings from photos. What exactly is a painting from photo, and how do you go about having a portrait done from your own treasured photos?.

Painting from Photo: Can anyone have one made?

Painting from photogrpahs is a relatively new technique of having a professional artist hand paint your photo. For centuries, the rich have been getting portraits painted by professional artists. However, as paintings from photos have become more mainstream, it has become available for the average person. Now, just about anyone can take a photo and turn it into a beautiful portrait from photo piece to grace the walls of your home.
What has changed then? One major difference is that in the past, individuals had to pose for the artist to have their painting done. Today, you can just send in any photo to a company that offers paintings from photos service, and let your photo pose to the artist instead of you.Some might find it intriguing to pose to the artist while having their portrait hand painted. However, since you can have a painting from a photo done for any kind of photo, the option of posing to the artist is not always feasible. Take for example children. It would take a lot of discipline for any child to pose for so many hours for an artist to hand paint them. Another example is a group portrait. It would almost be impossible to get all your family members together, posing for a family painting.

Find a studio that does a Painting from Photo

This is where a company who does painting from photographs can eliminate these roadblocks. All you need to do is send the picture to the artist’s studio and he or she can do your painting using your photo. As mentioned above, in the past getting an oil portrait done was very costly. Today, you can find studios that do paintings from photos for a relatively low price. You should spend the time and compare the various studious that are offering paintings from photos service.

Custom Painting from Pictures

Although you can have an exact interpretation done on your painting using your photo, most companies who do paintings from photos will also offer a custom oil painting service. For example, if the photo you would like turned into a painting is almost perfect, but is missing a stunning background, then you can ask the art studio to paint a different background. Another example is if you have two perfect photos you would like to combine into one painting. Most studios will not have a problem in combining your photos into a custom oil painting.

Once the artist finishes your painting, be sure to ask to see a proof. Don’t be reluctant to ask for modifications. Show it to your friends, family and get their comments as to what needs to be fixed. After all, this painting will be in your family’s possession for generations to come.

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