Oil Painting from Picture

Oil Painting from Picture: Frequently Asked Questions

The Oil painting from picture process dated back to the ancient Roman times and have consists of numerous styles. The well known Mona Lisa from the Renaissance period to paintings from the Western Art which dates back to the 19th century. Oil painting from picture emerged towards the second part of the 20h century.

The process of oil painting varies from one artist to another, but most artists use a similar steps in creating an oil painting masterpiece. Initially the artist prepares the surface which can be canvas, wood, paper or cardboard. Next, the artist sketches an outline of their subject, object, or scenery. Following this, the artist adds a number of layer of oil paint, each covering the previous one. The first layer or “underpainting” is normally painted with turpentine thinned paint. This layer helps to cover the white of the canvas.

Today, artists doing oil painting from picture use the same set of steps which vary slightly, depending on the oil painting being painted. The most widely used surface in oil painting from picture is canvas made from linean or cotton fabric. Some artist prefer to first stretch the canvas onto wood while others attach it to a painting stand before adding any oil paint on the canvas

The artist most often uses a set of brushes to apply the oil paint, although some other techniques can be used such using a palette knife or rags. Brushes are created from a variety of fibers in order to give the artist a flexible way to add thick strokes of paint as opposed to very thin strokes used in realistic style oil painting from pictures. Different styles of paintings also call for different set of brushes. In an abstract painting, where detail is not as important, artists most often use thick set of brushes, where as in a realistic portrait painting, artists will use very thin brushes to capture the minute details of the subjects being painted

We have outlined in small details the process of creating oil paintings which date back a few centuries. Although minor things have changes in the entire process, the results are still very similar to the naked eye. The same goes for oil painting from pictures. Although different artists use different techniques in painting an oil painting using a picture as reference, the results are very similar.

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