Custom Oil Paintings

What Is A Custom Oil Painting?

In search of a company who does paintings from photos, you may have stumbled upon the terms custom oil painting and custom painting from photos. What exactly is a custom oil paintings, and how is it different from a normal painting from photo?

The difference is in the word custom. A regular photo to painting is taking any photo and painting an exact replica of the photo. The only difference is that one is a photo and the other is a painting. A custom oil painting or custom painting is using some elements from the photo or photos, and adding additional elements to create a painting.

Custom oil paintings examples

Let’s give a simple example. Let’s say you would like to have an oil painting done of you and your friend standing on the beach with a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, you do not have such a photo of the two of you. A custom oil painting would be to combine two photos, one of you and one of your friend, and paint the two of you standing on the beach with a sunset behind you.

Another example is a simple self portrait. Take for example the perfect picture of yourself. The only problem is that in this photo, your hair does not look right, as well as the clothes you are wearing. A studio that does custom oil paintings can create your self portrait with you wearing something more appropriate and giving you the perfect hair style.

Finally, custom oil paintings can be used for group portraits. Let’s say you would like to have a family portrait. The only problem is that you were never able to get the perfect family photo. You could send numerous photos of individual photos of each family member, and have a custom family portrait done.

Companies that do Custom Oil Painting

Now that you know the difference between a regular painting from photo and a custom oil painting, you need to search for a company that does custom oil paintings from photos.

What should you look for? Ask to see samples of past paintings the company has done. You could also send in your photo(s) along with a description of how you envision your painting to look, and ask the company to create a new photo, combining your photos together and showing you what photo they will use for your painting.

Finally, ask the company if they have a different price for a custom oil painting as opposed to a regular painting from photo. Companies who do 100% handmade custom oil paintings will probably not charge extra for this service, since it does not require more work on the part of the artist.

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